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Highest Paying Freelance Writing Projects

As you can imagine, some freelance writing projects pay much better than others. And if you are like most writers, you want to locate the types of jobs that will pay the most money for the smallest amount of work. Unfortunately, not all jobs can fit this mold. With that being said, I have found that some types of freelance writing projects generally pay more than others. For this reason, I know where to focus my attention when it comes to seeking new clients.

Personally, I have found that mid-size magazines pay a great wage for the amount of work that they ask for. Sure, you could earn more money by writing for national publications, but as I mentioned earlier this week, that is a tough door to knock down. In my experience, it is easiest to break into mid-size magazines if you are diligent in sending query letters.

What is the average pay of a mid-size magazine? While this will change depending on the publication that you are working for, I have found the average pay rate to be between $.35 and $.65/word. In other words, for a feature article of 1,000 words you would earn between $350 and $650. A piece of this length can take several hours to put together, but if you leave yourself plenty of time before the deadline you should be just fine.

Moving on, if you are interested in breaking into the “sales letter arena” you will be able to make some big time money. Late last year I completed a 500 word sales letter for a long time client for $750. Believe it or not, this is far from the high end of the industry. I have spoken with several freelance writers who charge in excess of $2,000 for a well crafted sales letter. Corporations are always interested in a sales letter that will yield results. And in order to get results, they know that they have to pay a professional writer a high rate.

Finally, do not rule out keyword articles as a great source of income. You are not going to get rich from these articles if you are working for pennies, but there are clients who will pay a nice rate for this type of work. I still write keyword articles for some clients at a rate of $15 per 500 words or so; sometimes even less. I don’t have a problem with this because I can take my time and it is a great way to boost my income. But on the same token, I have several clients that pay in excess of $30 for 300 words. It is all about the clients you target!

Any freelance writing project can pay well if you are working with the right client. Do not be afraid to take jobs that pay reasonable but not great. Just like me, as your career builds you will be able to raise your rates which will directly effect your income.

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