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Have no Fear, Ask for Help

Even the best freelance writers run into complicated situations that are difficult to overcome. If you are facing an issue with a particular project the best thing you can do is get in touch with the client. Many freelance writers will never do this, but they are making a huge mistake. I strongly believe in asking for help if need be. This does not mean that you should bother clients with questions that you can answer on your own, but if you are truly stumped you should ask for assistance.

Why are some freelance writers afraid to ask for help? Simply put, they are worried that the client will think less of them. In other words, the client will find somebody else who is more knowledgeable to complete the job. In most cases, from my experience, this is not the case. In fact, most of my clients are more than happy to clear up any complications. Remember, both you and the client want to do what is best. There is no reason to believe that your client will become upset and turn away if you ask a question. 

Think about it this way: it is better to ask for help when you run into a problem than to proceed and find out in the end that you made the wrong decision. In this case, the client may become upset because a lot of time has been wasted, etc.

This is a subject that I have talked about before, and one that will continue to come up time after time. It is very important that you keep an open line of communication with all clients, and that you are never afraid to ask for help when need be. Many of the students in my course were afraid to communicate with clients when they started. But guess what? After they asked a few questions and began to communicate on a regular basis, this changed. Once you ask for help one time it will become much easier to do so in the future.

All in all, you are a professional. You should treat your freelance writing as a business while also treating clients with respect. And in this case, respect to both parties means asking for help when you need it. 

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