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Google AdSense Stats

Even though I have only been running Google AdSense on this blog for a week or so, I wanted to give everybody an update on how the advertising program is performing. Generally speaking, the results are pretty much just what I had expected based on my placement and traffic. Since I have used AdSense in the past I kind of had an idea of what the situation of this blog would bring.

As you probably know, AdSense is not a steady program. In other words, you could get 20 clicks one day and just a handful the next. To add to this, 20 clicks on day one could earn you $4 and the next only $2. It all depends on what ads are being served, and of course, what ads are being clicked on.

So what am I earning each day from AdSense you may ask? Again, this is only an approximation, but my earnings are usually in the $2 to $4 range. No, this is not a lot of money, but it does add up by the end of the month.

I am hoping to do two things to improve my AdSense earnings. 1. Increasing traffic should at the very least give me a chance to increase my income. 2. Tweaking my ads, such as color and placement, will also put me in a better position to succeed.

It is easy to get frustrated with AdSense because unless you have loads of traffic you are not going to make a full-time income. But with that being said, it is a nice program that will help you to earn more and more as your traffic increases.

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6 Comments »Google AdSenseSeptember 13th, 2007

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