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Give People a Reason to Read your Blog

The biggest complaint that new blog owners have is that they cannot attract an audience. In other words, they feel as if they are writing, but nobody is reading. While this can be a difficult problem to overcome, it is one that every blogger has to deal with early on. Your goal should be to increase your readership day in and day out. Even if you only make small strides, this is better than standing still. Small successes will lead to bigger ones in the long run!

But remember, you are never going to increase your audience if you do not give people a reason to read your blog. Readers need to have a reason to visit your blog. If you give them one, it is safe to say that they will come back time and time again. If not, you are going to struggle to reach even the smallest of goals.

So why should people read your blog? If you cannot answer this question, nobody else is going to be able to either. For me, the answer to this question is short and sweet: readers should visit Chrisblogging if they want to learn about or make money with freelance writing and/or blogging. With each post that I write, my goal is to stay within this “reason for reading.”

Any reason to read your blog is a great one. Some blogs get tons of traffic because they are controversial, and others attract readers because they have pictures of scantily clad celebrities.

No matter what, you need to have a hook that will draw people in. This way, as word spreads about your blog, traffic will continue to increase.

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