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Getting Started with PayPerPost

As I have mentioned before, Chrisblogging is my newest blog. At this time I have made about 30 posts, and traffic is building nicely. This blog is far from what I want it to be, but for now, progress is steady.

After a bit of contemplating, I have decided to sign up with PayPerPost. If you are unfamiliar with this service, it is not hard to understand. Generally speaking, PayPerPost pays bloggers to make posts that advertisers have ordered. While many think that this is unethical, I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with it. The way that I see things, PayPerPost is offering something beneficial for both parties. Bloggers have the chance to monetize their site, and advertisers can pay to get the word out about their company, etc. To me, it looks beneficial to everybody involved; even PayPerPost, which takes a portion of the profits.

PayPerPost outlines the sign up process in four simple steps. And after completing these, I agree that they are quite simple.

1. Sign up as a blogger
2. Submit your blog so that PayPerPost can approve it based on their requirements
3. Find and complete opportunities to the advertiser’s specifications
4. Receive your payment via PayPal. I have yet to experience this!

The sign up process is quite simple. PayPerPost asked for my first and last name, birthday, and email address. I also had to create a user name and password.

After following the confirm link that was sent to my email address, I was ready to go. This brought me to my “dashboard” of sorts. The last step that I took was to register Chrisblogging; I am still waiting on approval.

After I get the go ahead, I will let everyone know how I am going to proceed!

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