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Get Inside the Mind of a Successful Freelance Writer

As of late, many aspiring freelance writers have been asking me what they can do to better their career. Although everybody is unique, the one thing you should try to do is get inside the mind of a successful freelance writer. In other words, learn from those who are already doing what you are trying to accomplish. This is what I did when I started out as a freelance writer, and soon enough it began to payoff.

What can I learn from others? Shouldn’t I spend most of my time gaining firsthand experience? While you definitely want to work on building your career, there is nothing wrong with picking up advice from a handful of freelancers. Below are just a few things you can learn:

1. How to market your services. If you have the chance, you will definitely want to speak with other freelance writers about how they drum up new business. This is a big part of becoming a freelance writing success – make sure you focus on this detail as much as you can.

2. How to make the most of the freelance writer – client relationship. While this is something you have a “feel” for, you can learn the ins and outs from freelancers who have already made the mistakes you are trying to avoid.

3. Money, money, money. A freelance writer who has been around the block a few times can give you advice on how to set your rates, what to do when a client isn’t paying, where to turn for more lucrative jobs, and much more. When it comes to money, you can learn a lot from an experienced freelance writer.

If you have the chance to get inside the mind of a successful freelance writer you should take full advantage.

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