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Freelance Writing Topics: What Interests you?

I receive a lot of emails asking what topics the majority of my freelance writing projects cover. I assume that many people think that some subjects pay better than others. While this may be true in some cases, you should not get stuck in this train of thought for too long. If you only take on projects that pay a lot, you are going to find out soon enough that you are bored with the content that is staring you in the face. I find it much easier to enjoy my job if I am making a decent wage writing about topics that I enjoy.

At this time, I am working on projects based around a wide variety of topics. Some of them include: insurance, real estate, sports, gambling, health care, and software among many others. Do I enjoy writing about every one of these topics? I sure do! Although some of them are more exciting than others, they are all subjects that are of great interest to me. Over the years I have found that writing on subjects I enjoy makes it easier to complete a project while also learning a lot at the same time. By learning from every freelance writing project that you complete it will make your job much easier in the future as you ponder and accept new jobs.

The bottom line is simple: although money is important to a freelance writer, you do not want to chase projects that you perceive as high paying if they are not of interest to you. Believe it or not, every topic, no matter what it is, can be turned into a high paying project. I have worked for large companies with thousands of employees that paid in excess of $.50 per word. At the same time, I have worked with smaller firms in the same industry that paid just as much or more. In most cases, it does not matter what industry you are working in but the company or publication that you are working for.

All in all, concentrate more on topics that interest you and less on those that you feel will pay the most money. Remember, there are well paying clients within every industry. It is your job as a freelance writer to find them and then break in where possible.

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