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Freelance Writing Project: What to do upon Completion?

Every time that I accept a new freelance writing project I get excited. After all, I love writing, and new projects give me the chance to get creative. With that being said, every project has to come to an end sooner rather than later. If not, your clients are sure to get upset with you! The question is: what do you do with a project upon completion? You may think you know the answer, but there are some details you may be forgetting.

The obvious first step upon completing a freelance writing project is to send it off to the client. But before you do this, consider the steps below instead.

1. Always, always, always proof your work before sending it off to the client. I made a big mistake with this in the past, and will never do so again. Upon completing a feature article for a decent sized publication, I proofed the work and emailed it to the client. Little did I know, I sent the wrong file which was full of mistakes. Although I usually don’t have two files, for this project I did. As you can imagine, the client was not happy when he saw all the typos, etc. Of course, I explained the situation and sent him the correct file a few minutes later. Even though I didn’t get burnt by this mistake, it did show me that proofing is an important part of the completion process.

2. You never want to email a completed job to a client with a note reading nothing more than, “Here is your project. Thanks.” Instead, put together a nice email saying how much you enjoyed the project, as well as any pointers and/or tips that the client may enjoy.

3. There is no better time to ask for more work, or pitch a new project idea. You do not want to be overbearing with this, but definitely add this somewhere. Remember, it is repeat work that will keep you busy while also keeping a nice flow of income.

Taking the three tips above into consideration, here is a sample email that you could send along with a completed project.

Mr. Tony Smith:

Attached is the project as we discussed. It came out great, and it was a joy to work on. This article is sure to elicit a response from all the readers who purchase your magazine for real estate related information.

While putting this project together, I came up with a few other ideas that may fit in well with your publication. Would you be interested in discussing them? Let me know when you get a chance.

If you see any changes that need to be made, be sure to let me know.

Thanks again, and as always it is a pleasure.

Sincerely yours,


As you can see, sending a completed freelance writing project to a client is more extensive than a few words and an attachment. If you play your cards right you may be able to earn another job.

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