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Freelance Writing Negotiating Tips

More so today than ever before, businesses and webmasters in need of a writer are negotiating. They don’t want to pay the writer’s “standard” rate. Instead, they want to haggle, back and forth, to get the best possible deal.

Some freelance writers are not open to negotiations. They set their rates, trust that they are on par with the industry, and stick to their guns. Others are open to negotiating.

While there is no right or wrong way of deciding if you should negotiate, if you opt for this there are a few tips that can help you land the best possible terms:

1. Do not throw out the first number. Just like buying a car, don’t get ahead of yourself and start tossing rates around. Instead, ask the potential client what they are willing to pay and go from there.

If you throw out the first number you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.

2. Be flexible and expect the same from the buyer. There is nothing wrong with being flexible as you negotiate. In fact, if you are not open to being flexible you are not cut out for negotiating. But remember, this is a two way street. Make sure you are not the only person willing to adjust.

3. Do not feel pressured to reach a deal. It would be nice to reach a deal with every person that you are in contact with. Unfortunately, this is not the reality of life as a freelance writer. Do your best to negotiate a good deal, but if things don’t work out feel free to walk away.

4. Do not burn any bridges. Time and time again I negotiate with clients and walk away without a deal. More than half of the time the client comes back a few days later to start the project. This is why you should never burn any bridges. If you anger somebody during the negotiation phase they are not likely to work with you in the future.

The next time you find yourself negotiating with a potential freelance writing client, use these tips to your advantage.

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