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Freelance Writing Jobs: Big and Small Pay

I get asked a lot about the size and pay of each of my freelance writing jobs. Even though my workload changes from month to month, there are some generalizations that I can make when it comes to the size of my freelance writing jobs.

During my first six months as a freelance writer, I would consider all of my jobs small. They were not paying a lot of money, and were more or less keyword or SEO articles of 500 words or so. While there is nothing wrong with these jobs, you have to put in a lot of work to make a decent income. Obviously, this is not something that freelance writers strive for. But of course, any job with any pay is better than none at all.

Soon enough, I began to move onto jobs that did not take as much work but paid more money. For instance, one of my biggest clients pays me about $1,500 month. The only thing that I have to do for them is write one or two articles per day on the topic of my choice. To make this even better, the article only has to be 300 words or so. This may sound like a small job due to the size of the articles, but it works out to big pay in the end.

In my opinion, there is no job too big or too small to take on. In other words, if you are presented an opportunity to do work, and you have the time, you should consider accepting. Of course, if the job does not meet your requirements in areas such as pay, you will want to pass. Again, this all depends on what career stage you are at.

Keep this in mind while you are shaping your freelance writing career: search for jobs that do not take a lot of time to complete, but pay the most money. Are these jobs easy to find? No way! But there are tens of thousands of them out there. It is jobs like this that have allowed me to make a good freelance writing income without having to work much more than four to five hours per day.

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