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Freelance Writing – Is it what you really want?

For years I have been helping people who want to get involved in the freelance writing industry. This is something that I take great pride in, and for me it is a lot of fun. This is one of the main reasons that I started my freelance writing course. But before you decide that you want to get involved you need to ask yourself one very important question: is it what you really want? Some people only see the benefits of becoming a freelance writer and never consider the fact that they may run into hard times along the way.

Here are three things to think about if you are ready to make the leap. Over the past few months of my course these are details that I have been discussing with members time and time again:

1. No benefits or steady paycheck. If you come from a job with benefits, such as health insurance and a retirement plan, it can be difficult to transition into the freelance writing industry. Difficult yes, but far from impossible. To go along with this, every aspiring freelancer should note that they will no longer receive a steady paycheck. Instead of receiving a check on the 1st and 15th of every month you will now get paid when you complete work and when your clients decide to send the money.

2. Scary at first. My first few months as a freelance writer were very scary. Am I going to make it? Did I make the wrong decision? Should I begin searching for a 9 -5 job again? These are questions that I dealt with, and probably some of the same that you will ask yourself. One thing I found is that fear can be a good thing. If you are scared of failing you will work harder than ever before to succeed.

3. Doubts from others. Will you be able to deal with others doubting your decision? This can come from family members, friends, past co-workers, etc. Many people let this doubt creep into their mind which in turn shuts them out of a career as a freelance writer. Will you be able to stand strong and prove your doubters wrong?

If you really want to become a freelance writer you will know it. The above three points are not meant to scare you, but instead to educate you on what you may run into early in your career.

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