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Freelance Writing Income: The Truth on what you can earn

At least once per week, but usually more, somebody emails and asks what they can earn as a freelance writer. They are interested in all the finer details of earning a substantial freelance writing income. While I commend them for being so excited, this is one detail that is very hard to address on my end. The reason is simple: my freelance writing income is not the same as the next persons. Some of you earn more, some less, and some none at all.

In my eyes, the sky is the limit when you work as a freelance writer. Not only do you get to control your own career, but this includes how much money you can earn. If you are not happy with your freelance writing income right now, change things around so you can begin to earn more. If you are satisfied, do what you can to keep up your career and build in the right direction.

When I say the sky is the limit I really mean it. As I have said before, my first month as a freelance writer brought in a total of $52. Even though this was a small amount it gave me confidence. After a couple years in the industry I broke the $5k barrier, then $10k, and so on. Don’t worry about how fast you climb the income ladder. Instead, be patient and work on slowly growing your career day after day. If you are always moving forward your income is going to follow.

I hate to give out any hard and fast freelance writing income numbers any longer. Instead, I think it is important to set your own goals and be happy when you reach them. After all, what I earn has nothing to do with your money and how you use it. If you have any further questions on freelance writing income, leave a comment or feel free to send me an email. This is one topic that a lot of readers like to talk about, so I have no problem continuing the discussion indefinitely.

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