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Freelance Writing Income: October 2007

One thing that I have learned since starting my freelance writing career is that my income will vary from month to month. While it may always be in the same range, there is no way of predicting when a big month will arrive. For me, one of those big months happened to be October.

Generally speaking, I did not do anything special during October to boost my income. In fact, I worked with the same clients as always, and only added two new projects. The only thing that I changed was putting a little bit more time into writing. At this point, I am beginning to feel more comfortable with breaking down my time between freelance writing, blogging, and other start-ups.

Here are my freelance writing income stats for October 2007.

Number of Completed Projects: 24
Payment by PayPal: 20
Payment by Check: 3
Payment by Bank Wire: 1
Total Income: $7,047.84

As you can see, I just eclipsed the $7,000 mark last month. Since beginning to chart my income in July, this is my biggest month. This is not my most profitable month ever, but definitely ranks somewhere in the top 10.

It is hard to predict if I will be able to make as much or more money in November. As mentioned above, a freelance writing income is one that will vary from month to month. The way that I best get around this is by setting a basic goal of $4,500/month, and then working my best to beat that by as much as possible.

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