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Freelance Writing Income: November 2007

Every month, my freelance writing income post is the most popular. Just like many bloggers, I think that readers like to learn about how much money can be made through hard work, determination, and of course, some luck.

Last month, my freelance writing income totaled more than $7,000. I received a lot of emails asking if that was my highest output ever, and although it was high, it was not the best of the best. With that being said, $7k in one month is solid for me.

In November, things died down a bit. Once again, the main reason for this was the fact that I put a few extra hours into developing other business ideas as opposed to working solely on freelance writing projects.

Here are my freelance writing income stats for November 2007.

Number of Completed Projects: 14
Payment by PayPal: 11
Payment by Check: 2
Payment by Bank Wire: 1
Total Income: $5,083.62

Since December is the last month of the year, I hope to at least reach $5k as to close out 2007 out on a high note. If everything goes as expected this month, it is safe to say that I will be happy with the year that I had. From there, setting goals for 2008 will be priority number one; there will be more to come on this as the end of the year closes in.

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