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Freelance Writing Income: March 2008

Like many other freelancers I have spoken with, the first two months of 2008 were relatively slow for me. With that being said, things were not as bad as they could have been. My freelance writing income in January exceeded $5,200, and in February I went over $5,600. While I would have been semi-happy with another month in this range, I really pushed for more in March. When everything was said and done, I ended up posting a nice number:

Number of Completed Projects: 21
Payment by PayPal: 18
Payment by Check: 2
Payment by Bank Wire: 1
Total Income: $7,532.21

To what do I attribute my March income success? Generally speaking, I do not have a concrete answer as to why my income jumped nearly $2k. When looking at the numbers, you will see that I completed three fewer projects this month than last. To go along with this, I only added a couple new clients to the mix. The easiest way to explain this increase is that my regular clients sent more work my way during the month of March. There is a chance that this could stay the same in April, or that things could fall off to the workload that I was taking on during the first two months of the year.

At the end of the first quarter of 2008, I am quite pleased with my overall progress. Although I had hoped to average $7k/month through the first quarter, I am on pace to earn more this year than last. But with nine months to go there is no way of knowing how things will shape up.

What is my income goal for April? Like always, I hope to break $4,500. It would be nice to capsize this month’s income, but doing so will be a tough task. Of course, I’ll try my hardest and let you guys and gals know how things go!

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