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Freelance Writing Income: June 2008

Last month, my freelance writing income totaled more than $9,200. This was my highest earning month of 2008. And while it would be nice to earn this much money each month, it is quite difficult to keep up the pace. Going into June, I was thinking that an income of $7k to $9k was a reasonable goal. While my income goals are never that high, with some new clients on board I felt that it was more than doable.

So how did June shape up? Was my freelance writing income more than it was in May?

Number of Completed Projects: 30
Payment by PayPal: 26
Payment by Check: 3
Payment by Bank Wire: 1
Total Income: $10,073.34

Although I did not see it coming, I ended up earning approximately $800 more in June than I did in May. The main reason for this was simple: I completed eight more jobs while also adding a few new clients to the mix. As I mentioned last month, completing more jobs usually equals more income as far as my career is concerned.

June was the first month of 2008 in which I broke the $10k mark. Again, this is not what I strive for but it would surely be nice to keep this up for the rest of the year. Is this possible? Sure it is. That being said, I don’t see it happening. As a freelance writer you have to get used to the up and down flow of the business. Last month I earned more than $10k, but in July this number could slide back down to the $5k range. It all depends on how much work my clients need, and of course, when they send payment. As always, I will be happy with $4,500 or so.

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