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Freelance Writing Income: July 2007

Over the past year it has become commonplace for bloggers to disclose how much money they earn from their blog(s). Personally, I love seeing how much other bloggers are earning. It not only gives me motivation to continue working hard, but it also makes me feel good that others are living their dream.

My freelance writing career is my number one income producer; I do not make nearly as much from other avenues such as blogging.

I have yet to come across any freelance writing blogs that disclose monthly income, so I thought that giving it a try would be a great idea. There may very well be others doing this, and if so, I hope to track their blogs down very soon!

Unlike blogging it is hard to list out every last revenue stream for freelance writing. After all, I complete so many jobs on a monthly basis that it would take hours on end to write them all out, while also attempting to make sense of them.

With that being said, here are some stats that should be easily interpreted.

Number of Completed Projects: 43
Payment by PayPal: 41
Payment by Check: 1
Payment by Bank Wire: 1
Total Income: $4,894.78

As you can see, this was not my biggest month ever in terms of overall income. In fact, I have had months with twice as much income. The main reason for this was that I spent more time than ever before developing my blogs in July. Eventually, my goal is to steady my freelance writing income at around $5,000 while also adding in a significant revenue stream from several of my top performing blogs.

I feel lucky that I can earn a good a good income each month while still having several hours during the workday to develop my blogs.

My goals for posting my monthly freelance writing income are quite simple. 1.) I hope to educate others that earning money as a freelance writer is possible, 2.) Motivation is huge in my book, and I hope that this helps readers to continue to push forward with their own career goals.

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