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Freelance Writing Income: How much can you really make?

I seem to be asked the same questions regarding freelance writing time and time again. The most common is: what kind of money do freelance writers earn? If you have any interest in freelance writing income, you will want to check out my posts on how much money I have made in the last few months. This will show you that I usually earn between $4,500 and $6,000 per month. But guess what? Things were not always this way. There have been months when I earned more, and early on, months when I earned less.

At this time, I have pretty much settled into a freelance writing income of approximately $5,000/month. I always say that my goal is $4,500/month because that will give me an annual income of $54,000. Why am I happy settling for that amount? Well, there is no easy answer to that question.

In the past, when I was concentrating solely on freelance writing, I was earning in excess of $6,500/month, and in some cases up to $9,000. Obviously, this was a great time for me because I was making more money than I ever thought possible. But at the same time, I was working my fingers to the bone and becoming stressed out over too many deadlines.

Earlier this year I decided to cut back on my freelance writing workload, and devote more of my time to developing blogs and other online businesses. This meant that I would lose a couple thousands of dollars of income per month, but so far I am more than happy with the decision. Being able to complete all of my freelance writing projects in an average of four hours per day has opened up plenty of time for other work, such as this blog. My hope is that my internet based projects eventually make up the couple thousand dollars that I am losing by cutting back my freelance writing workload.

With all of that being said, I still never answered your question, right? Just how much money can you make with a career in freelance writing? From my experience, this ranges from $0 to $9,000/month. I usually find my freelance writing income in the middle of that range. But remember, I am not the only full-time freelance writer. There are many who put my income to shame! 

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