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Freelance Writing Income: August 2007

Ever since the big response to my freelance writing income last month, I have been looking forward to disclosing my earnings for August. Well, the time has finally arrived!

Over the first 10 days of August I was slightly concerned that my income was going to stay just about the same as the previous month. But as the month wore on, I began to pick up a lot of repeat work. Additionally, I also secured a few new jobs through referrals.

Listed below are my freelance writing income stats for the month of August 2007.

Number of Completed Projects: 30
Payment by PayPal: 28
Payment by Check: 1
Payment by Bank Wire: 1
Total Income: $5,705.61

As you can see, I earned $810.83 more in August than in July. This is not a huge jump in income, but a good sign nonetheless. I am still several thousand dollars away from my highest months earlier in 2007, but once again, setting up other income streams and working on new projects has cut into my time.

After posting my freelance writing income in July I received 51 comments; the record by far on ChrisBlogging. Additionally, the article was stumbled time and time again. Even though comments and stumbles are nice for me, they are even better for the people out there who want to reach this income level as a freelance writer. So once again, I hope that you guys and gals can add some great comments, and stumble this article if you see fit!

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