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Freelance Writing Income: April 2008

Last month, my freelance writing income totaled $7,532.21; a number that I was quite happy with. While I would love to earn this much every month, you are probably well aware that there is no such thing as a steady income when you are working as a freelance writer.

Historically, the internet tends to slow down during this time of the year. This is due in large part to the weather warming up, and more people spending time away from their computer. With that being said, my income usually stays pretty much the same during the spring and summer months. After all, people always need content, right?

My April income came up short when compared to last month, but did work out to my second highest total of 2008:

Number of Completed Projects: 11
Payment by PayPal: 10
Payment by Check: 0
Payment by Bank Wire: 1
Total Income: $5,842.42

As you can see, my income was approximately $1,700 less in April than March. What do I attribute this to, you may ask? Well, the first thing that I see is a drop off in the number of completed projects. This month I was only paid for 11 projects, whereas last month this number was more than 20. With that being said, the level of work that I completed in April was pretty much the same as always. The only difference was that some clients did not send payment as quickly as usual. As I am happy with the clients that I am currently working with, there was no reason to pressure them for payment. I am 100 percent confident that they will send the money this month.

What is in store for May? At this point, I am reasonably confident that I will exceed $7k in income this month. Is this going to be easy? Of course not. But with that being said, as noted earlier, I do have some payments coming this month for projects that I completed at the end of April. Even though $7k or more would be nice, as long as I hit $4,500 you won’t hear any complaining from me!

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