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Freelance Writing Expenses: Don’t avoid them

There is no denying that freelance writing is a cheap career to start and sustain. This is not one of those jobs that will cost you a lot of money day after day. But remember, there are some freelance writing expenses that you are bound to encounter. Are you going to avoid them? Or will you spend money when you have to so that you can continue to move your career in the right direction? I never shy away from freelance writing expenses. This is not to say that I waste money, though. Instead, if something comes up I consider my options and then make the best decision for me at the time.

What types of freelance writing expenses are out there? Every month I spend money on my business phone line and internet connection. These are two expenses that are sure to come about month after month. Fortunately, I am used to paying them and they do not really effect me that much.

There are other small freelance writing expenses as well. These are things such as ink cartridges, printer paper, pens, sticky notes, etc. As you know, these are cheaper items and if you buy in bulk you will not have to worry about doing so again for many months.

Even though it can be difficult to part with money, as a freelance writer you should realize that this is a necessity from time to time. If you begin to feel bad about how much you are spending, think about all the other careers and businesses that cost much more to sustain. 

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