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Freelance Writing Deadlines: Dos and Donts

As a freelance writer, it is important to learn how to deal with deadlines. After all, these deadlines will more or less tell you when you are going to work, as well as how much time you are going to have to put in. To many, having to deal with deadlines is too much like having a boss. But if you are going to get involved with freelance writing, this is something that you better get used to.

To make things easier, here are two do’s and two don’ts when it comes to freelance writing deadlines.


1. Make sure that upon starting a new project that you get a firm answer on the deadline. If a client says that they are open to when you turn in the work that is fine. But even then, you want to at least get an idea of when you are going to be turning the work in. Open deadlines can often times lead to the project being put on the back burner for weeks on end. You would be much better off knowing when each client wants their work delivered.

2. Do write down all of your freelance writing deadlines. If you only have one or two projects this may not be necessary. But in a situation like mine, where I have five to ten deadlines at a time, it is important to write all of them down as a way of staying organized.


1. If you want to keep your good reputation, you can never miss a freelance writing deadline. There is no other way of saying this: never means never.

2. Do not agree to a deadline that you have no chance of meeting. Some freelance writers get so excited about landing a job that they will tell the client that they can have the work complete whenever they need it. Of course, this leads to either killing yourself to meet the deadline or missing it altogether.

Deadlines are what freelance writers live by. Use the two do’s and don’ts above to your advantage. 

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