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  • "Your course has taught me a lot about freelance writing. I particularly enjoy the daily emails. My income is on its way up!" - Sheila Escuro

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Freelance Writing Course

Are you interested in becoming a successful freelance writer? If so, a spot in my freelance writing course may be just what you are looking for. Below are details on how to get started, what the course offers, and what you can expect as a member:

1. If you want to become a member, please send an email to info (at) with the subject “Freelance Writing Course.”

2. One-on-one assistance and training via email, instant messenger, and/or telephone.

3. In addition to one-on-one communication, members will also receive email updates several times per week. Updates include tips, job openings, and basic correspondence to ensure that everybody is moving in the right direction.

4. Information from my past. While you are probably familiar with my monthly freelance writing income report, as you can imagine, there are more details to be seen. I will share my spreadsheets, project breakdowns, and much more with members.

5. The price of the course is $100/month. Each month I send members a PayPal invoice to make the process as simple as possible.

Anybody who wants to expand their freelance writing career and income through one-on-one training should consider becoming a member today!

I wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me this far. Your advice has definitely increased my monthly writing earnings. I’m going to spend the next few months following your advice and marketing like crazy to build my client base. Hopefully I’ll be able to rejoin your mentoring group in the future when I’m in the next stage of my writing career. You’ve certainly made a difference for me and I look forward to contacting you again in a few months.“ Randy Laboy

Chris, you never stop amazing me. What a tremendous value for such a small investment. Anyone interested in being a professional freelancer should jump on this as quickly as possible before he comes to his senses and actually charges what this service is worth, which is a great deal more.“ Wes Young

That’s a great value at just $100 a month, considering the amount of one-on-one time you’ll be able to have with a very successful freelance writer. Anyone looking to break into the business should seriously consider this offer.“ Michael Kwan, Freelance Writer, Beyond the Rhetoric


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