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Freelance Writing Course, Training

Earlier this year I posted about the possibility of offering a freelance writing course/ training. As of late, I have revisited this idea due to an increasing number of emails asking for one-on-one assistance. In fact, I already work with two aspiring writers in this capacity and from what I can tell, they are quite happy with the service.

So my question is: would you be interested in signing up for a freelance writing course in which you would have access to one-on-one assistance and training? Of course, it may be difficult for you to answer this question without all the details, so I am going to outline some preliminary points below:

1. Due to time constraints, I am only going to take on 10 new “trainees.” As mentioned above I am already working with two writers, and in order to be fair to everybody involved, I am only going to make this opportunity available to 10 more. When somebody drops out I’ll open up the spot until another writer jumps in.

2. One-on-one assistance and training via email, instant messenger, and/or telephone. While I am not sure on the exact number of hours I will offer each member per week, it is safe to say that it will be enough to address any questions, concerns, etc.

3. In addition to one-on-one communication, members will also receive email updates several times per week. Updates include tips, job openings, and basic correspondence to ensure that everybody is moving in the right direction.

4. Information from my past. While you are probably familiar with my monthly freelance writing income report, as you can imagine, there are more details to be seen. I will share my spreadsheets, project breakdowns, and much more with members. 

5. Based on the setup with my two current trainees, the price is $100/month with no obligation to stay on board longer than you want. By paying in advance, either by quarter or annually, a discount is available. I was not going to offer this until my second trainee asked if they could pay in advance, and I decided it was only fair to offer a discount for their loyalty.

This freelance writing course and training may not be the right move for every aspiring writer. From email conversations and past posts, I am confident that all 10 spots will fill up in a relatively short period of time. Both members that I am working with right now are happy with the results and the cost that goes along with the course. By working with them for the past few months it gave me a good idea of what I should offer, when I should make the course open to new members, and how to get started.

Any comments would be great. And if you are interested in getting a jump on the competition to ensure your spot, send me an email. Within the next week or so the course should be open to everybody via a page on my blog. But as noted earlier, you can email me your request to be added as a member to ensure entrance.

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