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Freelance Writing Course: Two Openings

Are you interested in joining my freelance writing course? If so, you are in luck. After last month, two members did not renew. There loss is your gain. Just like the past few months, I do not expect these spots to last long. Generally speaking, they usually stay open for a few hours and that is about it. So if you are truly interested in joining us on our trek to freelance writing success, be sure to send me an email of interest right away.

If you are not familiar with my freelance writing course, you can find further details by visiting the “Writing Course” link at the top of the blog. After running the course for the last few months, I have received a lot of feedback. The following are the benefits that most members seem to be enjoying the most:

1. One on one feedback. Once per week I ask members to send me some projects that they have been working on. From there, I offer feedback while also opening up dialogue to discuss everything from possible changes to potential future projects.

2. Any work that I do not accept from interested buyers goes to my members. For many, this has meant a quick leap in income. While not a guarantee, this is something that most members have thanked me for time after time. After all, it never hurts to generate leads in new ways.

3. Daily emails. Every morning I send an email. They range in topics from how to find high paying work to marketing tips and much more. This is more or less a way to get members thinking about their career so that they can open up.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits and many more, send me an email right away. I am confident that the two spots will be filled by day’s end.

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