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Freelance Writing Course, Officially Open

As noted last Friday, I am now offering a freelance writing course to aspiring writers or anybody else who wants to earn a living online. At the time, I mentioned that the course was not yet “official” but that I would be accepting early entrants into the program. While I figured that there would be some interest, I was not prepared for nine people to sign up within a day or so.

While I am glad that these nine members are on board, I am also sad to say that there is only one spot left. If you are interested in this spot, please get in touch with me right away via email. I am expecting it to be filled by the end of the working day, so act fast if you want in!

If you do not get into the course this time around, there is no reason to worry. Simply send me an email stating that you are interested, and you will have first crack when a current member drops out or if I decide to expand the class.

For further details and regular updates, keep an eye on the freelance writing course page at the top of the blog. As details change or spots open, I will be sure to let everybody know. But as mentioned earlier, you would probably be best served joining the waiting list so that you are guaranteed your spot in line.

Thanks to everybody who has already joined. I am anxious to get started with all new members, and am still looking for my last trainee. The first person to send me an email and payment will grab the final spot!

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