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Freelance Writing and the Travel Industry

Just like every other freelance writer, I have topics of interest. For me, these include sports, health, and real estate. While I am pretty sure that all three of these are common topics, they may not be as popular as travel. It seems that a large number of freelance writers are interested in the travel industry for one reason or the next. In my opinion, there are two main reasons for this:

1. If you get the right gig, you could end up traveling the world for free while simply being required to write a few articles along the way. Of course, this very rarely happens but most freelance writers interested in travel have this goal in mind. While it may be far fetched, there are jobs like this. You may not be able to secure one of these early in your career, but as you move forward who knows what will happen.

2. Freelance writing for the travel industry can be quite lucrative. A lot of this depends on the publications that you work for, but there are many that pay in excess of $1/word. My advice is to start out writing for local and regional travel magazines, and then move on from there. Once you are equipped with plenty of samples, obtaining the high paying, desirable positions will be much easier.

If you want to become a travel writer, the sky is the limit. As long as there are people roaming the earth, there will be tens of millions who are interested in travel. By putting your freelance writing skills to work, you may be able to land a gig that affords you the opportunity to travel the world on somebody else’s dime. Even though I am not particularly interested in this sort of writing anymore, the thought of getting to travel for free is quite intriguing.  

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