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Freelance Writing and the Holiday Season

Personally, I always find this time of the year one of the most difficult for keeping my freelance writing career on track. There is a lot going on at the end of December, and every year I seem to get off track even though I try not to. While there is nothing wrong with taking some time off for the holidays, I always find this difficult to do. This time around, I hope to cope a bit better than in the past.

There are two main reasons that this is a difficult time of the year for me.

1. With so many distractions, it can be hard to concentrate on the task at hand. After all, I have to buy presents, entertain family, and of course, think about the gifts that I will receive! In all seriousness, this can begin to slow any freelance writer down as Christmas gets closer and closer. I must say that this year I have done a great job staying on schedule with my work. In fact, as of today, my freelance writing income is ahead of pace for the month of December.

2. During every other month of the year, clients are usually quick to respond and offer new work. But in between Thanksgiving and the new year, this slows down considerably. Just like me, I am sure that my clients have a lot on their plate as well. In addition to personal tasks, they also have to get their business ready for the upcoming year. For this reason, you do not want to pressure your freelance writing clients too much during this time. Instead, give them some room to breathe, and then regroup after the first of the year.

When it comes down to it, you do not want your holidays to get ruined because you are too caught up in your work. Even though I work hard day in and day out, this time of the year should be for relaxing as well. With that being said, I know that I will be at my computer checking emails the first thing Christmas morning. Oh well, I guess I am addicted!

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