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Freelance Writing and Blogging Jobs

Time and time again people ask me how I find regular freelance writing and blogging jobs. While there is no hard and fast rule for seeking the best positions, there are several options that anybody can look into.

Two of my favorite places to hunt down freelance writing gigs are:


At, buyers post jobs ranging from business plan writing to keyword articles. Make sure that you search both the “high paying” and “low paying” boards so that you do not miss out on anything. While you will find a lot of tire kickers on this site, a few good jobs do sneak into the picture on a regular basis. (GAF) is quite similar to; just not as popular. The main reason that I like GAF is that you do not have to pay anything to bid on jobs. In fact, the only time that you are forced to pay is if you win a job. Even then, you are only charged 10 percent of the total winning bid. For example, if you win a project worth $100, GAF will charge you $10 and you will net $90. This may seem like a lot, but it is actually a great deal once you begin to win more and more projects.

Check out my GAF page at Although some of the contact information is out of date, it does not really matter at this point. Since joining I have won 18 projects, and on all of them I have received perfect “10 of 10” feedback from the buyer. Getting good feedback is essential if you want to get repeat jobs. Now that I am established I usually get a couple requests to bid each week from interested buyers.

Are you thinking that 17 projects won is not worth the time? Before you do, keep in mind that a lot of these jobs have turned into regular clients. In fact, one of my biggest clients found me through GAF. Over the last year alone I have done over $5,000 worth of work for them.

Blogging jobs are often times more difficult to find. But with that being said, they are not impossible to land. Although I guest blog for three companies right now, all of them were referrals from different clients of mine. If you are interested in a blogging job, check out This is a great place to find some of the top blogging jobs with the top blogging networks.

As you can imagine, this does not even scratch the surface as far as to what is available in the freelance writing and blogging industries. Simply put, this is where I started to find jobs, and still do from time to time.

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