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Weekend Quick Tip: Freelance Writers should Read

As a freelance writer it is only natural that I enjoy reading. Do you? In my opinion, every freelance writer should read as much as they can. Personally, I read everything from books to magazines to the newspaper; this is something that I enjoy. But to go along with the enjoyment that it brings, I also learn a lot. I pick up on other writing styles, and come up with new ideas that I can follow through on.

As of late, I have been reading a lot of books on business and investing. But what about books on freelance writing? In the past, I was reading as many books on freelance writing as I could get my hands on. Recently I have moved away from this for a couple reasons. First off, I like to give my mind a break from my career when reading. Additionally, there are only so many freelance writing books out there. I have not read them all, but the majority of them are on my bookshelf.

If you work as a freelance writer and hate reading, you can still be successful; there is no doubt about it. That being said, most writers I know like to read. If this sounds like you, read anything that you find enjoyable. You may be surprised at how much you learn.

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