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Do Freelance Writers need a Business Phone?

Many freelance writers never want to communicate with clients on the phone so they feel there is no reason to have a dedicated business line. Is this a good way of thinking? Even though you may never want to speak with clients on the phone you are not really in charge. In other words, if a client wants to call you or vice versa you need to go along with this. After all, speaking on the phone is often times enjoyable, time efficient, and more effective.

Whether or not you need a dedicated line for your business is up to you. For the first few years of my freelance writing career I only had one phone line. It doubled for both personal and business calls. But as my freelance writing career grew and I was making and receiving more and more calls, it came time to add a business line. Although this costs a few extra bucks each month, it has made my life easier. If my business line rings I know it is either a client who wants to talk or a buyer who is interested in doing business with me. Before my second line I never knew who was calling, or what I was getting into when I answered.

You don’t need a business phone line. I got along without one for a couple of years, and even though it was annoying at times, it was something that I dealt with. That being said, if you have the money and want to give off a more professional appearance you may want to think about adding a business line. You can do this by getting a second landline in your home, or by purchasing another cell phone plan; the choice is yours.

As you move forward with your career and begin to expand you should consider having separate phone lines for personal and business use. This is a simple move that has brought many benefits to my personal life and career.

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3 Comments »Freelance WritingNovember 4th, 2008

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