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Do Freelance Writers Really have Freedom?

I was asked an interesting question yesterday: do freelance writers really have as much freedom as it appears on the surface? This was interesting to me because most people simply believe that freelance writers have tons of freedom, and never really think about whether or not this is the truth.

In my opinion, freedom and freelance writing go together hand in hand. If it were not for the freedom of this career it would not be nearly as enjoyable. I think most freelancers agree that freedom is a big benefit, and many of them may say that it is at the top of their list.

Here are three ways freelance writers can experience freedom:

1. You do not have a direct boss. Sure, you have to answer to clients because they are paying you, but you are not an employee but instead a contractor. This means that you can more or less terminate a relationship with a client at any point for any reason. It is nice to know that you don’t have direct report, and don’t have to worry about a boss breathing down your neck.

2. Freedom as a freelance writer means working your own hours. This morning my workday started at 5 am. This is not normal, but I decided to bump my day up a couple hours to get an early start. Of course, this means that I could quit early for the day but I will probably stick around to work on a few projects of my own. The point is that you can start and stop when you want, and work as many hours as you please. If that isn’t freedom I don’t know what is.

3. You have the freedom to work with clients you enjoy. As a freelance writer you and you alone are in charge of your business. I only like to work with clients that treat me right and are easy to get along with. This is not always possible, but it is what I strive for. As you know, when you work an office job you are told what to do and who to speak with.

This is how I answered the inquiring party yesterday, and I am positive that 99 percent of you will agree that freelance writers have tons of freedom within their career.

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