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Freelance for Fun

Although you can earn a lot of money as a freelancer, you should consider moving in this career direction for the “fun of it” as well. When it comes down to it, being a freelancer in any capacity can be a fun and exciting position in many ways. Personally, I would never consider continuing my work as a freelance writer if I were not having a good time.

The question is: how is being a freelancer fun? There are three things that come to my mind when I think of fun and freelancing:

1. It is fun to work with a wide variety of people. As a freelance writer, I have clients all over the world. One second I may be speaking on the phone with a client in Ireland, and the next via email with somebody in a bordering state. Additionally, freelancing gives you the chance to learn about many different industries. There are some days when I write one article on the insurance industry and then another on travel. This diversity keeps my days fresh and fun at all times.

2. I find that it is a lot of fun to work at home and set my own schedule. Can this ever be a pain in the neck? Sure can. But for the most part, having my office a few feet away from my bedroom is a great benefit of being a full-time freelance writer. Many may not feel this way, but until you give it a try you will never know for sure.

3. As a freelance writer I have the chance to wear many different hats. To me, this may be the most exciting part of freelancing. Writing content takes up the majority of my time, but my responsibilities definitely do not end there. I also enjoy other aspects of this career such as marketing, accounting, client communication and much more. The chance to “do it all” is a huge benefit of being a freelancer.

As you can see, becoming a freelancer (writing or not) can be a great career thanks to the fun that you can have. And of course, the money is not bad either! 

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