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Four Easy Ways to Increase Productivity

Lately, I have received numerous emails asking how I earn so much money without killing myself. Others have suggested that I must work 10 plus hours each day in order to keep up my current income level. But when it comes down to it, if you learn how to increase productivity, you will have more time for writing and will find it simple to move from job to job without wasting a lot of time.

Productivity is a topic that I have been covering a lot lately. Although I like to keep posts fresh, this is a subject that is very important and one that many readers seem to be struggling with.

Here are four easy ways to increase productivity. These tips will help you if you are a full-time freelance writer, or just trying to break into the industry.

1. Make sure that you work at least eight hours. Once you become established and more comfortable with your workload, you can then tweak your hours in order to do what is best for your personal life and career. Personally, I try to work eight hours, five days per week. Sometimes I go over and other times I have short days. But all in all, if you want to increase productivity you need to work a full day.

2. Do you have a to-do list? If not, this is a big mistake that can negatively affect your freelance writing productivity. Before I shut everything down for the day I always put together a to-do list so that I know where to start the next morning. There was a time when I thought I didn’t need a list, but soon enough I found that this was only confusing me and leading to a disorganized day full of wasted time.

3. Make sure that your desk and all related files are organized. If you need to pull an invoice do you know where to find it? Some people are naturally more organized than others. Even if your home is always a mess, you need to make sure that your office is the one space where organization takes priority.

4. As silly as it may sound, taking breaks is important if you are going to increase your productivity. Many people feel that when they are on a break they are not getting any work done. While this is true, you need to keep in mind that taking a break from time to time will allow you to stay fresh throughout the workday. When you get tired, both mentally and physically, your productivity is going to suffer.

By increasing your productivity, you will find that your freelance writing career is moving forward smoothly. 

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