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Follow-up with Slow Paying Clients

Just like most freelance writers I have clients that pay on time as well as those that wait for weeks on end before they finally get around to it. While it would be nice for every client to pay when they receive an invoice, this is not the way the industry works and probably never will be. As a freelance writer it can be difficult to deal with slow paying clients. This is particularly true if you are relying on the money to pay bills, buy new equipment, etc.

It is very important that you have a system for following up with slow paying clients. If you don’t you may find yourself waiting many months for a payment. Even worse, if you don’t follow-up some clients will forget to pay you altogether. Do you really want to miss out on getting paid for the work that you put so much time into?

I don’t like to follow-up with clients right away. In other words, I want to give them a chance to show that they will pay on time without being asked. That being said, after a week or two I usually send a quick email inquiring about the invoice. Does this always work? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Most clients that don’t pay on time usually fall behind because they got busy and simply forgot. But this is not always the case. There are also those that are totally aware of what they owe but don’t care to pay on time. 

While you don’t want to become the annoying freelance writer who bugs clients day after day, you do deserve to receive payment in a timely manner. There are times when following up with a slowing paying client is very important. Don’t give up until you get paid. You provided a service and deserve to receive the agreed upon payment.

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3 Comments »Freelance WritingJuly 31st, 2009

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