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Find Freelance Writing Gigs at is one of the largest portals for people interested in finding a job in the journalism industry. With the opportunity to search by location, anybody in any state can find jobs in their area that pertain to this field. But if you are a freelance writer, has some benefits as well.

A few years back when I started freelancing I used this service to find a couple of clients that I still work for today. Since then I have not found much, but there are many freelance writing gigs available through this service.

To find freelance writing jobs on you need to know where to look. Instead of searching one particular state, you will want to search for “all locations” or “telecommute” under the location tab. This is where you will find 99 percent of the freelance writing jobs. Of course, if you have the time, check in the individual states as well; particularly the one that you live in.

As a freelance writer, is a great site because you do not have to pay to find jobs. Each ad will have contact information included, and all you have to do is follow the directions of the poster. even gives job seekers the ability to post a resume free of charge. This way, interested employers can search the database and see who is available for work. If you have some time you might as well do this. You never know who will come calling.

You may not find hundreds of freelance writing gigs at, but from time to time there are a few good ones. Taking a few minutes each morning to check for new listings is not going to kill you!

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