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Elance for Freelance Writers

This is one of those posts where I am going to ask you guys and gals for help. In the past, I have used freelance writing bidding sites such as GetAFreelancer. My main reason for choosing GetAFreelancer is that it is free to sign up. While I am aware that Elance is the leader in this industry, my question is quite simple: is it worth the money?

I have been contemplating giving Elance a try for several months. While I really don’t need to use it to find more work, I have heard conflicting opinions on what it has to offer. Some have told me that Elance brings them a few thousand bucks per month and others say that it is just like GetAFreelancer and you must bid low in order to find clients who are willing to do business.

So what is it? With all of the great comments that I have received on past posts, I figured that my audience is the best people to ask for advice on this topic. If you guys and gals think that Elance is worth the time and money, I may give it a try. And if I do, I will definitely keep everybody up to date on how much work it is bringing me.

Should I sign up for Elance, or will I be wasting my hard earned cash?

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11 Comments »Freelance WritingFebruary 8th, 2008

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