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Don’t Stumble on these Phone Interview Questions

Just because you are a freelance writer does not mean you can avoid the job interview process. In fact, you will go through this more often than you ever imagined. Every time a potential client gets in touch with you they are more or less performing an interview. They want to see what you have to offer, what type of person you are, and of course, whether you fit in well with what they are trying to accomplish.

Here are three common phone interview questions that you will hear time and time again. Be prepared for these so you don’t stumble:

1. Can you tell me more about your experience as a freelance writer? On the surface, this sounds like a straight forward question with a simple answer. While true, you must make sure your tailor your response to the type of client you are speaking with.

For a web content position you will want to speak about your experience in this area. On the other hand, if you are interviewing to create newsletter content you have to talk about experience related to this function.

Targeted experience shows the client that you are the right person for the job.

2. How much do you charge? If you are anything like me, answering this question is never easy. As you know, you don’t want to throw out the first number that comes to mind. If your number is too high you could lose the job. If your number is too low you could end up working for less than your normal rate.

My advice: ask the client for a general idea of their budget. From there, tell them you will follow-up with an estimate. This gives you time to put your thoughts together.

3. Do you have any references? This is a tough one for new freelance writers. In short, you have to be honest. If you have references you definitely want to supply them. If you don’t, explain that you are new to the industry and don’t yet have any solid references.

No matter what, make sure you offer to email a few samples. This will make the client feel better about your past as well as your ability to complete the job.

Anytime you interview with a potential client on the phone these three questions are sure to come up. Make sure you are ready for them.

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