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Don’t Say Yes unless you are sure

There are times as a freelance writer when you will be so anxious to land a new client that you would say yes to almost anything they ask. And while this can be tempting, you need to bite your tongue until you know exactly what you are getting into. If you say yes without thinking things through you may end up accepting a project that is not suited to your style or availability.

New freelance writers are those who usually make this mistake. They are building their career so they want to land new clients no matter what it takes. For this reason, no matter what the buyer suggests they will say yes. This may not always come back to bite you, but it most definitely can.

What type of trouble can you get into by saying yes without thinking?

1. You may accept a project for a price that is lower than your standard rate. If you get into this habit it can be a difficult one to break. Make sure you closely examine the project details, and then give a quote based on what you charge; not what the client wants to pay.

2. Offering to do work in addition to writing. As of late this is something that more and more clients are asking of me. This additional work can include anything from finding images to uploading work to marketing. There is nothing wrong with offering additional services, if you are up to it, but you want to make sure you get paid. As you know it can be time consuming to not only produce content but to then focus on additional tasks. You need to make sure you are being properly compensated.

Make sure when you say yes you know what you are agreeing to. It is important that you don’t jump the gun just because you are excited about the prospects of doing business with a new clienet.

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