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Don’t Lie to Potential Freelance Writing Clients

Lying to potential freelance writing clients is never a good idea. Although you may already know this, it is safe to say that you may be tempted anyway. After all, many people think that lying to potential clients is a great way to obtain more work. Sure, this may work with some, but in the long run it is only going to harm you. It always pays off if you are open and honest with potential clients as well as those that you already work with.

Here are three common lies that freelance writers tell potential clients:

1. I have tons of experience with that subject matter. If you say this you better be ready to back it up in a big way. Remember, your client is going to have a lot of experience so they will know if you are lying. In many cases, admitting that you are not well versed in a particular area will not disqualify your chances of winning the job. If you are honest about what you do and don’t know, the buyer will be able to give you feedback and hopefully work with you to get started on the project.

2. Time after time I come across freelance writers who refer to themselves as “we.” In other words, they want their “company” to look big. The fact of the matter is that this is not always a good thing. In some industries it may be better to make yourself look as big as possible. But as a freelance writer this is not necessary. Not only is it a lie, but it may also deter clients. I make it known to every client that I will be the guy working on their project. I don’t outsource my work, and this makes the client comfortable because they know they will be working with me while having access to my expertise.

3. Don’t try to fake your way through an interview or project. If a client asks if you have questions or are confused, be honest with them. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help. The client will be happy to address all misconceptions and problems up front. This helps to avoid loss time and conflicts in the future.

There is no reason to lie to potential freelance writing clients. Instead, be honest with all of them at all times. 

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