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Don’t Forget to Work on Administrative Tasks

Yesterday I spent the better part of the afternoon working on administrative tasks. While this may sound like a quick job, it actually took me two to three hours. Even though I would have rather been writing all the tasks needed completed at some point in time. Running a successful career means working on administrative tasks here and there. It may be boring for you, but in the long run you will realize that it is something that must be done.

What does this entail? When I think of administrative tasks the first thing that comes to mind is paying bills. This is what I was doing yesterday, and while not difficult, it was time consuming. Not only did I have to write out checks for all the appropriate bills, but from there I had to stow away receipts and chart deductions. The more bills on my plate the longer it takes to complete the process.

There are other administrative tasks that come up as well. For instance, next month is a big tax month. I have to send a quarterly payment to both my state and the federal government. This means more time writing out checks, filling in forms, and making sure that everything is in order.

It is easy to get lazy when completing administrative tasks. But remember, you have to stay on the ball from beginning to end. One mistake now could lead to more problems later. Next month, if I don’t pay the right amount in taxes it will mean more that I owe down the line. And that is not something I want to deal with.

As a freelance writer it is safe to say that your favorite task is writing. But to have a successful career you must also work on administrative tasks when necessary.

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2 Comments »Freelance WritingAugust 14th, 2009

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