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Don’t buy what you can get for Free

Lately, I have been making a lot of posts on how to save money as a freelance writer, what to buy early in your career, etc. This time around I want to give a quick tip: don’t buy something that you can get for free. This may sound simple enough, but it is something that many freelance writers forget.

Take for instance an aspiring freelance writer who is ready to start his career. Going out and buying a new desk, computer, and printer may sound like a great idea. And yes, these are all things that are needed. At the same time, he may already have one or more of these items. Why waste money on new stuff when you can use what you have for the time being?

As your freelance writing career grows there are things that you will need to buy. Don’t worry; you will get your chance to spend money. You just want to make sure you are established and earning a good living before you head out and begin to upgrade all your equipment.

If you do need to buy something, take a quick look around at free outlets before you do so. For instance, you may be surprised at how many items are being given away on a site like craigslist. Finding a free desk, or at least one that is very cheap, is more than possible.

It may not be glamorous, but if you don’t have to spend money you shouldn’t. Anything you can get for free should be able to hold you over for the time being.

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