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Don’t be afraid to adjust your Work Schedule

One of the biggest benefits of working for yourself is the way you can adjust your work schedule. You can work all nights one week and all days the next. This sort of flexibility is not something that you will find in a more traditional position. In my opinion, the flexibility to adjust your work schedule when necessary is one of the biggest benefits of being a freelance writer.

I am one of those people who like to stay on the same schedule as much as possible. This helps me to be most efficient while also ensuring that I am on the right track day in and day out. That being said, I am never afraid to adjust my schedule. For instance, if I need to leave the office in the afternoon I get up early so I still work the same number of hours. I don’t have to ask for permission, or worry that somebody is going to get upset about my new schedule. Again, this is usually not the case when working a traditional 9 to 5 job.

Like many new freelance writers, at the beginning of my career I was afraid to adjust my schedule. I wanted to work the same long hours everyday of the week. This worked fine, but I was missing out on the flexibility of being a freelance writer. You don’t have to work a different schedule everyday, but make sure you are taking advantage of the flexibility that is in front of you. It is a big benefit, and one that you don’t want to forget about.

There is nothing wrong with having a basic idea of when you are going to do your work. Just remember that you can tweak your work schedule from time to time to meet other requirements in your life. Flexibility and freelance writing go together hand in hand! 

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