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Do your Clients want you to work Weekends?

Are you the type of person who enjoys working weekends? If so, even you may get annoyed if a client tells you that you have to do this. Believe it or not, I have heard many stories about freelance writers being “forced” to work on both Saturdays and Sundays. To me, this sounds a bit ridiculous for several reasons.

To start, why do you have to work on the weekend? Does the client have a good reason for this? If there is no pressing need I cannot understand why this conversation would have to take place. Of course, if your job is to cover breaking news stories you may have to be “on call” on the weekend.

Why are you listening if you don’t want to? One of the top benefits of a freelance writing career is that you are your own boss. If you don’t want to work on weekends you should feel comfortable discussing this with your client. You may find that a simple discussion can solve your problem. In other words, it is not always as hard as you think to open your client’s eyes to your point of view.

If you enjoy working on the weekends, which I do from time to time, this may not sound like a huge deal. On the other hand, some freelance writers simply won’t do work on their days off – and I cannot blame them.

My best advice is this: if a client asks you to work on the weekends you should strongly consider your answer before giving it. If you decide against this explain your reasoning to the client and see if you can work out a solution. 

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