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Do you Write Online Content?

Are you considered a freelance writer if you only deal in online content? This is a question that showed up in my inbox three times last month. As of late, more and more people are getting involved with writing online content and nothing else. They feel that these jobs are easy to find, and that the pay is okay for the most part. In my opinion, you can consider yourself a freelance writer if you only write online content. You are working for yourself on a freelance basis, and even though online content is only one facet of the industry, you are writing.

With all of that in mind, you should remember this: if you only deal with online content you are missing out on a world of opportunities. Have you had success as an online content writer? If so, what makes you think that you cannot branch out into other areas? I know many freelance writers who started out writing only for the internet, but eventually got involved with feature articles, sales letters, marketing brochures, and much more. It may be more difficult and time consuming to find these jobs, but in the long run they pay well and are fun to get involved with.

I strongly believe that writing online content is a good thing. I have many clients that deal strictly with the online world. At the same time, I write for many off-line clients as well. Having a nice mix of work, both online and off, will give you the ability to earn more money and complete a larger variety of projects.

In short, if you only want to write online content you can consider yourself a freelance writer. But do keep in mind that you are leaving other opportunities on the table if you don’t expand into off-line markets.

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