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Do you understand your Job(s) as a Freelance Writer?

When I got my start as a freelance writer I thought I had one job and one job only: to produce high quality content. While this is very true, you need to consider that other things can and will come up from time to time. You may be surprised at how much you have to do for clients, outside of producing content.

Don’t get me wrong, writing is your main job and you should learn how to do it well. But as you begin to grow your business you will find that clients want more from you. While this may sound scary, it actually works out in the long run because it gives you the chance to earn extra money.

So, what other “tasks” may I be asked to take on? More and more of my clients are asking for help marketing their content – this is especially true among those who are posting online. While it is not something I specialize in, I have picked up some skills over the years. Do not be surprised if your web based clients ask for help in this area.

Other clients want basic advice on what type of content is best, how often they need fresh content, etc. With this, you become a “writing consultant” of sorts. In addition to producing content you are also in the business of advising clients on what they should and should not be doing.

Of course, what you do as a freelance writer comes down to your comfort level. If you don’t want to help with marketing, for example, you have the right to say no. I have found it is best to help when possible, but to also let clients know that I do not specialize in other areas. This helps to keep expectations realistic.

Your job as a freelance writer will change from client to client. Do you help with any tasks outside of content creation?

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