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Do you shy away from Small Clients? Rethink this Decision

Some freelance writers only want to work with large clients. This includes national publications, large websites, and companies with 500 or more employees (on average). Does this sound like you? If so, you may want to rethink this decision. While there is nothing wrong with working with large clients, those that are smaller have a lot to offer as well. Not taking the time to work with small clients may be holding back your progress as well as your income.

Why do some freelance writers shy away from small clients? For one, they think that small clients pay less. I have found this to be true and false. I have small clients, one man shows for that matter, that pay good money. But of course, I have also worked with small clients that are trying to save money because they are on a tight budget. The lesson to be learned is that you should not “stereotype” potential clients based on size. Just because a company or publication is small does not mean they will want you to work for peanuts. Some of them realize that paying competitive rates is the best way to receive quality content.

Do you feel that all big clients are great to work with and pay above the industry average? This is a myth. Just like small clients, those that are large can skimp on money and be difficult to work with. In fact, I have found that so-called large clients can be more difficult to communicate with because there are many people involved and a lot of other things going on around them.

If you want to grow your career and income you need to realize that every client, regardless of size, has the potential to help you in many ways. Don’t shy away from small clients because you think they are “minor league” and cannot pay you what you are worth. This is definitely not the case across the board.

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