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Do you outsource your Freelance Writing Work?

Since posting my last freelance writing income report, I have received a few emails asking if I ever outsource projects. In other words, do I accept work from clients, have others complete the project, and then split the earnings? Generally speaking, I do whatever I can to avoid this. In fact, I have only outsourced two or three projects over the course of my career, and even then I didn’t want to do so.

Is there something wrong with outsourcing? While there is nothing “wrong” with this process, there are two reasons that I try to avoid it at all costs:

1. I like to write, and outsourcing would cut back on that. If you are going to outsource a lot of your work you will find that you are writing less, and managing others more. Personally, I only like to accept projects that I have time to complete on my own.

2. When you outsource you never know what you are going to get. Do you know how difficult it can be to find a good freelance writer? Although they are out there, and you can find them if you put your mind to it, it may take some time. Additionally, you never know what your workers are going to do, either right or wrong. For instance, if you outsource a project and your writer plagiarizes, who is on the hook with the client? The answer is you. By completing my own work I know exactly what I am getting.
Over the next few months I am going to be working on a few projects in which hiring writers is essential to my overall success. I plan on taking this time to learn a bit more about outsourcing, the pros and cons, and what goes into finding quality freelance writers.

Do I suggest that you outsource your freelance writing work? If you do not mind managing others and have quality writers to work with, this is an option to consider. But if you enjoy the writing process and trust yourself more than others, you will want to personally complete 99 percent of the projects that you accept.

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