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Do you know why you lost that Client?

Has a client recently decided to part ways with you? This is never an easy situation to deal with. Every client is valuable, and you want to stay in good standing with as many of them as possible. That being said, if a client does leave you need to find out why no matter what it takes.

Here are three common reasons why a client may decide to go in another direction:

1. You did something that upset them. This could be anything from missing a deadline to not providing quality work. Even though it may be hard to hear, you still want to know if this is what caused the relationship to end. At the very least you can learn from this situation to ensure that you do not make the same mistake in the future.

2. They simply don’t need you any longer. Believe it or not, there are times when clients no longer need freelancers. You didn’t do anything wrong. Your client’s situation changed, and they decided to cut you out of the equation.

3. They found somebody better. Remember, you are not the only freelance writer around. At anytime a client can begin to look for somebody else. Maybe they want somebody with a different style. Maybe they are searching for a lower price. You should strive to provide quality work at all times so your client never thinks twice about comparison shopping.

If the information is not offered you should always ask a client why they are moving on. Chances are that the reason will fit into one of the three categories above. Even though it is never good to lose a client, you should do your best to learn from the experience. 

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