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Do you doubt your Decision to become a Freelance Writer?

There is nothing worse than making a decision and then doubting that you did the right thing. This is particularly true if you decided to leave your job and become a freelance writer. After all, your career and how much money you earn are very important. Any doubt can definitely cause more stress than you ever thought possible.

Before you do anything, answer this question: why do you doubt your decision to become a freelance writer? Chances are that if you feel this way you will be able to answer this question without any delay. Some common reasons for this are: not making enough money, not being able to find clients, and not having any idea of where to go next. Do any of these doubts sound familiar?

Don’t jump the gun. No matter what job you take you will probably doubt your decision at some point in time. This is exactly what I did early in my freelance writing career. It is difficult to go from a steady 9 – 5 position with a regular paycheck to a freelance career in which you have to call all the shots and don’t know where the next payment is coming from. But if you stick things out and don’t give up you will eventually realize that your decision to become a freelance writer was a good one. It is those people who jump ahead of themselves that usually end up ditching their career as a writer and heading towards something that is considered “safer.”

Before you ever become a freelance writer you should realize that you will probably have some doubts early on – the same can be said for almost any job you take. It is how you deal with this doubt that will determine if you settle in or decide to quit before you give your new career a fighting chance.

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